Welcome to Below the Blonde!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

I am so happy to see that you have made your way to my page. I cannot express how much I appreciate you stopping by.

I can’t wait for you to take a look around Below the Blonde!


Why “Below the Blonde” you may ask? 

Well, to answer that I must tell you a wee story about what brought me to the world of blogging. And to think of it, it was just that, I love to tell stories. I was so convinced in University that my next step of education would be my MBA (Masters in Business). But when I think about that now I just shake my head. I am so thankful I have a partner who put my life on track according to what I was passionate about, versus what the world was telling me to do. Don’t get me wrong, taking your MBA is an amazing choice, it just wasn’t me.

So here I was, applying to a Masters in Journalism after completing an undergrad in Science, and I had never really written anything besides a lab report. My lack of experience in the classroom left me in the search for something extracurricular to sharpen my tools. So I decided, I was going to start a blog.

But a blog about what?

Establishing myself in the bloggerverse was nothing short of confusing, exciting and terrifying. The idea of just simply putting yourself out there to be judged was a little unnerving at first.

I needed to decide what I was going to write about and then it hit me.

Why do I need to decide? Why can’t my blog just be about what I love, what I am passionate about and what is on my mind? When answering these questions I realized that there was nothing telling me that I had to be extremely specific with my genre. This was my blog after all, I could do whatever I wanted!

I have had a lot of people approach me about writing a blog and I always tell them the same thing. Write about what you are passionate about, don’t do it for the likes or the followers, the right ones will come, and only write when you are inspired (there is no deadline).

Below the Blonde is born

Below the blonde became the name of this site because I wanted a name that gave me the freedom to write about whatever I wanted. I wanted to write about whatever was on my mind, and essentially my mind is below my blonde!

Blondes have an interesting reputation, but I want to embrace it! As for where I stand on your “blonde” radar, you can judge for yourself.

Welcome. Make yourself at home.

Amanda xx


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One thought on “Welcome to Below the Blonde!

  1. Good ideal of your blog’s name!!! “I wanted to write about whatever was on my mind, and essentially my mind is below my blonde!” I was wondering your blog’s name when I first time saw this~haha,anyway it’s a good article for inspiring someone who want to write their own blog. Also it inspires me! Haha~ because I don’t have any ideas what I write in English, actually just what my passionate about, thanks~blonde (o^^o)


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